Communicating in a Diverse World

Program Office: College of Applied Studies FSU Panama City - Office Building rm. 108, (850) 770-2280 or email Students interested in pursuing the minor in Professional Communication should call/email the College of Applied Studies staff to request the minor be added to their official records.

Minor Description: Students pursuing this minor will learn about issues facing marginalized groups and will build skills to prepare them for engaging in a diverse workplace and global society. This minor will complement the existing curriculum in Professional Communication by providing a distinctive program of study from which students will benefit from rigorous topical instruction, participate in contemporary issue-specific discussions, and complete assignments crafted to build critical thinking ability. 

Minor Requirements: The Communicating in a Diverse World minor consists of fifteen (15) semester hours in the following courses (Three courses indicated with COM xxxx are either currently under development and/or being offered as special topics). 

Required courses (15hrs):
One of the following: 

  • MMC 2000 Introduction to Mass Media (3hrs)
  • COM 3120 Communication for Organizing (3hrs)
  • One of the following: 
  • SPC 4711 Gender and Communication (3hrs)
  • COM 3xxx Media and Representation (3hrs)
  • Each of the following: 
  • SPC 4710 Intercultural Communication (3hrs)
  • COM 4xxx Global Communication (3hrs)
  • COM 4xxx Digital Communication and Social Issues (3hrs)