Welcome to the FSU College of Applied Studies

  • North side of Holley Academic Center with a view of the north bay and stormy clouds
  • Four Crossed Logs patio with large rocks to sit on between Holley Academic Center and Faculty Building
  • Sidewalk behing Bayside Building heading to North Bay through oak trees

We Are FSU

The mission of the College of Applied Studies is to facilitate an academic environment that supports the development of personal, professional, and technical expertise that graduates will use in their professional careers.

FSU Panama City is located on the North Bay


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The FSU College of Applied Studies offers you a personalized experience throughout your academic journey, provided by our nationally recognized faculty and professional academic staff. We provide students with opportunities to develop applied knowledge and experiences, and the opportunity to put that into practice while engaging industry leaders in the fields of nursing, communication, financial planning and public safety. Explore our degree programs and learn how to apply below or call (850) 770-2280.