Cristina Doan

Cristina Doan

Contact Information

College of Applied Studies
Graduate Coordinator
Office Location
Works remotely
(850) 770-2148

Key Responsibilities 

  • Serve as the point of contact to prospective, current, and incoming graduate students in the following programs:
    • MS/MA in Corporate and Public Communication
    • MS in Organizational Management and Communication
    • MS Law Enforcement Intelligence 
  • Provide oversight, coordinates, and direct handling of graduate application for three graduate programs and two graduate certificates
  • Respond to Graduate Information Request forms, phone call, and emails from prospective graduate students
  • Map, update, and maintain academic plan for graduate students with the assistance from the program’s coordinator
  • Educate graduate students on graduate level policies such as reapplying to the university, applying to two graduate programs, and requesting to transfer graduate credits from another institution


  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work – California State University, Fresno
  • Master of Science in Student Affairs and College Counseling – California State University, Fresno 


Cristina is originally from California. As a military spouse, she has enjoyed being able to travel, meet people from different backgrounds, and try new foods. Shrimp and grits are her favorite since moving to the south but homemade tamales will always be her favorite. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys keeping up with her fitness by going on two-mile runs.