Law Enforcement Operations Minor

Law Enforcement Operations Minor
Program Office: College of Applied Studies FSU Panama City - Office Building rm. 108, (850) 770-2280 or email

Minor Description:  This minor looks at the field of policing through an application based curriculum. The minor is designed so that the student takes an introductory course, then selects 3 – major specific courses within the LEO curriculum. The goal of this minor is to allow students from varied degree fields to be exposed to the challenges and techniques of modern policing in the United States.

Minor Requirements: The minor in Public Safety and Security, Law Enforcement Operations in the College of Applied Studies requires 12 hours of coursework.
Required Course (3hours)
CCJ 3024 The Criminal Justice System (3) OR CCJ 2020 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)

Complete 3 courses from within the Law Enforcement Operations major listed below (9hrs):
CCJ 3032 (3) Crime in Media (Fall)
CCJ 3071 (3) Computer Apps in Criminal Justice (Fall)
CCJ 3484 (3) Ethics in Policing and Intelligence (Fall)
CCJ 3651 (3) Drugs and Crime (Summer)
CCJ 3678 (3) Policing Diversity: Race, Gender, Religion & Crime (Spring)
CCJ 4710 (3) Applied Probability (Spring) [prerequisite CCJ 4744]
CCJ 4744 (3) Evidential Reasoning for Research & Invest (Fall)
CJC 3311 (3) Corrections: Practices and Perspectives (Spring)
CJE 3612 (3) Interview and Interrogation (Fall, Spring)
CJE 4410 (3) Community Policing (Summer)
CJE 4611 (3) Criminal Investigation: Theory & Practice (Fall) [co-requisite CCJ 4744]
CJE 4615 (3) Conduct of Investigation (Spring) [prerequisite CCJ 4611]
CJJ 3013 (3) Youth Culture and Crime (Spring)
DSC 3013 (3) Homeland Security & Criminal Justice (Summer)