Underwater Crime Scene Investigation Minor

Underwater Crime Scene Investigation Minor
Program Office: College of Applied Studies FSU Panama City - Office Building rm. 108, (850) 770-2280 or email appliedstudies@pc.fsu.edu

Minor Description:  This minor assumes an "applications" focus not present in other existing degree certificates or minors. Courses will be particularly useful in complementing various "professional" degree programs, such as health professions, law, social science, criminology, environmental studies, recreation-tourism-events, engineering and biological science program.

Minor Requirements: The minor in Public Safety and Security, Underwater Crime Scene Investigation in the College of Applied Studies requires 12 hours of coursework.

Required Course (12 hours)
ISC 3062 Introduction to Underwater Investigation (3)
ISC 3063 Scientific Underwater Investigation (3)
CJE4764 Underwater Crime Scene Methodology (3)
CJE 4765 Underwater Crime Scene Investigation (3) 

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