Professional Communication Minor

Professional Communication Minor
Program Office: College of Applied Studies FSU Panama City - Office Building rm. 108, (850) 770-2280 or email Students interested in pursuing the minor in Professional Communication should email the College of Applied Studies staff to request the minor be added to their official records.

Minor Requirements (12hrs):
Only coursework with a grade of a C- (C minus) or higher in four of the following courses (12hrs) will count toward the Professional Communication minor:  

ADV 3008 Principles in Advertising (3)
COM 3120 Communication for Organizing (3)
COM 4132 Communication and Stress Management* (3)
COM 4431 Rhetoric of a Global Corporation* (3)
SPC 3231 Contemporary Rhetorical Theory* (3)
PUR 3000 Introduction to Public Relations (3)
SPC 3513 Argumentation* (3)
SPC 4360 Interviewing (3)
SPC 4445 Group Dynamics & Leadership (3)
SPC 4620 Strategic Speech Making (3)
(*Currently an online course.)

At least six (6) hours of the Professional Communication minor must be taken within the College of Applied Studies. Courses taken to meet the minor may not be applicable to any other requirement.